Guerad cant wait to be a Knight

Tony Guerad says he's getting more excited about UCF by the day. The Tampa Bay Tech defensive lineman, who committed during the fall, had a blast on his official visit this past weekend and is counting the days until his enrollment.
"It was beautiful," Guerad said. "My parents enjoyed it. Everything went good. They took good care of me."
Guerad arrived late Friday afternoon.

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"The first night I met all the coaches," he said. "Then we went and ate some finger food first, then dinner. Then I went off with the players and met all the football team. It just felt like home. I know I made the right decision."
Rising senior Victor Gray served as his player host.
"He just told that it's a great program," Guerad. "He said the best thing to do is to get in shape and get ready to work. I said I'm ready to that. I want to be a man now. I think this is going to help me. UCF is going to help me become a man and handle my priorities."
Saturday was action-packed.
"We took a tour around the whole stadium," Guerad said. "We saw the whole campus. It was real nice. The facilities are nice. We saw the inside of the dorms. They're all real nice. This feels like where I'm supposed to be."
His favorite part of the trip?
"The food," Guerad said. "The food was real good. The first night we ate at the hotel and the second night we ate at the stadium. It was all real good."
Gueard was able to meet his future position coach, Lorenzo Costantini.
"I was with him for two days," Guerad said. "He's a cool person. We had meetings on Saturday. We talked. They're going to start me off at end. I know I'm going to get bigger. I'm already 270 right now. They're going to start me off at end and when my body starts progressing they're going to move me to three-technique."
He met with head coach George O'Leary before departing.
"Coach O'Leary told me to just finish out strong," Guerad said. "He said I was on the right path. Just finish strong. He's glad to have me on board. He said, 'Welcome to the family.'"
Guerad is hoping to continue wearing No. 90 in college.
"I'm getting real excited about UCF," Guerad said. "I just can't wait. June 23 I'll be down there. I want to help the team win a championship and compete for the BCS National Championship. Just win games and be a part of their success in the Big East."