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Mac Loudermilk set the internet on fire with punt celebration

After booting a 69-yard punt against UConn, Mac Loudermilk's impromptu celebration became an internet sensation.

Video of his moves, which included a home-run swing and bat flip, received widespread acclaim after being shared by Barstool Sports and other outlets.

"I got to the locker room, checked my phone, had a few messages from family, then I saw my Instagram and Twitter blowing up," Loudermilk said. "I saw the shout-outs which was pretty cool. It's getting pretty annoying though because my phone won't quit vibrating."

The 69-yard punt, the eighth longest in school history, also helped Loudermilk take home the Ray Guy Award Punter of the Week honors. He punted a total of four times for a 51.25 average, none of which were returned.

"With that end zone, I knew I kind of had the wind with me," Loudermilk said of the 69-yarder. "I got the ball in the air and let i fly. It was a decent ball so I did the first baseball swing. Then I saw it hit and roll, that's when the excitement took over."

Loudermilk says he's endured some ribbing from teammates, calling out fellow specialists Matt Wright and Caleb Perez.

"They can't say too much, especially Matt because I hold his field goals."

On top of possessing some of the best punter celebration moves, Loudermilk arguably has the best beard/hair combo among college football specialists. For those wondering: His last haircut was "almost two years ago" and his last shave was a week before UCF's appearance in the 2016 Cure Bowl.

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