QA with Brynn Harvey

Audio: Click here to listen to the interview with Brynn HarveyClick Running back Brynn Harvey earned a spot on Conference USA's preseason team, but UCF will have to wait a few games into the season until he's ready to play. The Largo native, who rushed for more than 1,100 yards last season, injured his knee during spring practice and is scheduled to return perhaps by early October. Here to view this Link.
Talk about how the summer has gone here for the team.
"It's gone real good. The team worked out real hard. The strength coaches had a lot of different things to help us get our speed together and in the weight room we got stronger. We're just working hard to get ready for the summer."
Has it been a tough summer for you with everything you've been through? What's that been like?
"I won't say tough, but a little bit frustrating knowing you can't be out there doing the same things as your teammates. I'd say a little bit frustrating, but it is what it is."
What have you told the fellow running backs in the meantime? Any advice here as they get prepared?
"Yeah. Just stay focused. Just do what we were taught to do. Coach Godsey gives us a lot of great tips. We're running backs. Just run the ball."
Talk about these running backs. Have any of them stood out? Jeff Brinson is obviously new. There's Jonathan Davis and Ronnie Weaver. Talk about the backs and what each guy can bring to this team.
"Ronnie Weaver is like the leader. He's been here before I got here, so he's like the vocal leader of the team. If he sees something wrong, he's going to tell it to you. If he sees something right, he's going to tell you you're doing good. Ronnie is more of the leader. Jonathan Davis, he's more vocal. He's going to talk and talk. He's a bulldozer. He's fast and he's tough. Brinson, he's a big load too. He just came in and he provides a lot of shiftiness and all the stuff running backs bring."
Is the toughest thing for you to make sure you don't come back too fast because obviously you're very competitive and you want to get back on the field as quickly as possible, but you don't want to risk another injury. Is that going to be a challenge for you?
"Yeah, I'd say that's going to be the toughest challenge. I'm pretty sure the trainers are going to do their best to get me back where I need to be. I'm ready to see what's going to happen."
Talk about the quarterbacks. You've got Rob Calabrese and then Jeffrey Godfrey is there. A little bit different styles. Talk about those two guys.
"Rob is more of a prototype quarterback, but he can also run. He's going to make the good plays and make the good decisions. Jeff Godfrey, he's shifty. He'll put a move on you and he also makes the big pass play too. They're both equal and they both can provide different types of things."
What do you think you need to improve on once you get back as far as your own game?
"Pass blocking, keep the linebackers off the quarterback, so they can get the ball to the receivers."
You had a good season last year, but fell short when it came to the conference and you didn't win the bowl game. Is there an urgency on this team to 'Let's finish the job,' win the conference title and get the bowl game?
"This year is more like a hungry year. We didn't finish the season like we wanted to last year, so we're eager to get back on the field and show the nation what we can do and that we can be a top team in the country."
Is there a player on this team that's maybe under the radar to the fans that might be a surprise? Kind of like Quincy McDuffie last year who opened some eyes.
"We have a lot of different players, so we have to see. We're still in camp. Freshmen just came in, so I think a lot of players are going to pop out."
The offensive line, it all begins with them. Talk about them.
"The line is a lot stronger this year. They're going to open up the holes and give the quarterbacks protection. I have a lot of faith in the line this year. It's a big step up from last year. I can see it already and camp just started two days ago. The o-line is going to be real good this year."