Schneider excited to be a Knight

Bo Schneider is a Knight.
The Dallas (Tex.) Jesuit quarterback joined UCF's 2015 recruiting class on Tuesday, choosing the Knights over Oregon State, Tulsa, Houston, Southern Miss and Colorado State.
He made the call on Tuesday morning to his recruiter, assistant head coach and offensive line coach Brent Key, as well as head coach George O'Leary and other staff members.

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"I had scheduled to call them at 10:30 my time," Schneider said. "I called Coach Key and told him the news, then I talked to Coach O'Leary, Coach (Charlie) Taaffe and Coach (Keegan) Kennedy. They all said they were super excited and were excited for me to come back down on another visit. They said, 'Let's go win some championships together.'"
Looking to make an early summer decision, Schneider and his father visited his two favorites last week - Oregon State on Tuesday and then UCF on Thursday - in anticipation of making an announcement this week.
"Right after my visit I looked at my dad and said, 'This is the one, no doubt,'" Schneider said. "It just felt right. It kind of blew my mind. I don't have words to say. It's just ridiculous how much I loved it. Right when I got done with that visit I said, 'This is the place for me.'
"It's really just everything about it. I loved it all there. There wasn't anything I didn't like. The coaches are just great. I love them all. I have a good relationship with all of them. I enjoyed talking to them and for them to be my coaches. Then the facilities. I was expecting them to be that nice. Just top of the line. I really enjoyed that. Then the location and being in Orlando. That's obviously a great location and was another factor into it. Just everything about it. Even stuff I didn't mention. It felt perfect. I'm really excited."
His father, Scott, felt the same way.
"He was saying the same things I was after the visit," Schneider said. "He just confirmed how much I liked UCF. My family is super happy for me."
He plans to return for his official visit during the season as his bye week should coincide with a home game. As for future goals, he admitted he hadn't given it much thought, but rings are on his mind.
"The ultimate goal is always to try and win a championship," Schneider said. "That's of course my first goal. Another goal of mine is to compete as hard as I can and win that starting job as soon as I can."
Schneider is UCF's second pledge for 2015, joining Georgia wide receiver Cameron Stewart. The quarterback is always a team leader, so it's no surprise he hopes to become an ambassador for the class.
"I wanted to commit early so I could help recruit and get people around me, some good players so we can make some plays and win championships," Schneider said. "I'm definitely going to do some recruiting once I get settled down and figure out who we're going after."
Schneider shot to the top of UCF's quarterback board in recent weeks after he initiated contact with the staff. He had been impressed with UCF's 2013 Fiesta Bowl Championship season and particularly quarterback Blake Bortles, who last month was drafted third overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. UCF coaches told Schneider he shares many of Bortles' attributes, particularly physically possessing a 6-foot-4 frame.
In his first season as a starter, Schneider passed for 3,185 yards and 31 touchdowns with nine interceptions, earning Player of the Year honors for his district. The comparisons to Bortles certainly aren't far off when you listen to how Schneider describes his style of play.
"I think some of my best strengths on the field would be my arm strength and my decision-making, and what I mean by that is decision-making wise, just trying to extend the play at all times," Schneider said in a previous interview with Rivals.com. "If it's kind of a busted play, try to make something happen, scramble maybe and at least put the ball up where only my receiver can make a play. Obviously, you don't want any turnovers, so just trying to let my receiver make a play and if it doesn't work out live to fight another play. An incomplete pass is better than an interception.
"Obviously my size, that's something you can't teach, so that's something that a lot of coaches always comment on and like. Another thing they mention, there is a couple of plays on my highlights where I take a couple of hits but still make the throw, so that's something they sometimes comment on and say that's a good thing because sometimes you're obviously going to have to take a hit, but you still have to make the play."
Proud to announce that I've officially committed to University Central Florida! #goknights- Bo Schneider (@bo_schneider) June 10, 2014