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Marlon Williams shows his playmaking ability

Marlon Williams provided one of the more memorable offensive plays of the season in the 51-23 win at Cincinnati.

A wide receiver by trade, the big true freshman carried the ball for a 47-yard run, shedding several Bearcat defenders before eventually being brought down.

"I wasn't satisfied because I wanted to score on that play," Williams said. "It was a great play though. My thing is I'm not going to let one person take me down."

Williams was one of the top signees in UCF's 2017 recruiting class. The Alabama native had at one time been committed to USC before ultimately choosing the Knights over Georgia Tech.

"So far it's been pretty great," Williams said. "I'm just trying to get used to all this college life. College football is way different than high school."

He said the biggest adjustment has been picking up the offense, things like quickly processing the signals from the sideline. Physically, he's also dropped a few pounds since his arrival and continues to work on endurance.

Williams has two catches for 53 yards this season. He likely would have seen extended reps in the fourth quarter at Cincinnati had the game not been called due to weather.

"It feels good (when we're rolling) because I know I'm going to get in the game," Williams said. "The way we've been rolling like that, we spread the ball out so it's a lot of fun."