UCF a better job than USF

Bruce Feldman of appeared on Wednesday's Tim Brando Show to talk about coaching jobs and they discussed whether UCF is actually a better job than USF.
The conversation began with talk about the abrupt firing of Mario Cristobal at FIU and whether he could be a candidate for USF.
Brando then asked Feldman, "How long is O'Leary going to hang on at Central Florida?"
Feldman then responded to the retirement rumor that had been circulating in coaching circles.
"Tim, I talked to somebody on their staff on Sunday because there was some speculation that (O'Leary) was going to retire, but that's not happening," Feldman said. "They're still solid."
Brando brought up UCF's NCAA sanctions, which Feldman acknowledged. He then talked about how attractive the UCF job would be.
"Quite honestly, you talk to people in coaching, especially people who are in the south and they will tell you that is a really interesting job because they have an indoor facility," Feldman said. "They have some facilities that some of the bigger schools in the state..."
Brando cut him off by saying that UCF would be the best "non-AQ" coaching job.
"Yeah, it's the best one of those that would not be considered an AQ powerhouse program," Brando said. "I think Central Florida, because of location, where it is and facilities, yeah. It's a better job than USF, isn't it?"
Feldman agreed that it could be a better job than USF, but mentioned the NCAA sanctions. UCF could face a postseason ban in 2013 and will have several years of scholarship losses.
"Now that the conference has shifted around and the dynamic has changed, it might be (a better job than USF)," Feldman said. "Facilities are good. Orlando and Tampa are both good recruiting areas. They have a lot of space out there. The thing where it might not be the better job is what you said just a minute ago, the NCAA sanctions hanging around there whereas USF doesn't have that. We'll see.
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