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UCF gets last visit for elite prospect

A talented group of official visitors were at UCF this weekend, including several players who have yet to make a final decision. The Knights got the last trip for one prospect who plans to pick either UCF or an SEC school on National Signing Day.
Jordan Akins, a football and baseball standout from Union Grove High Schoon in McDonough, Ga., says he had a great time on his visit.
"I liked it a lot," Akins said. "I arrived at one o'clock on Friday and I met the coaches at the hotel. An hour later I went and met the head coach, Coach O'Leary. I had already met him before. Then we went to the baseball field and they were having the first baseball practice. I talked to the players and the coach. Then we went and we ate dinner, like a normal official visit."
Akins is a top outfield prospect and would like to play both sports in college.
"It went real nice seeing the baseball practice," Akins said. "Me and Coach Rooney, we know each other real well. He introduced me to a few of the players, like Darrell Sweeney, Ronnie Richardson and Chris Duffy. We mostly were talking about the scrimmage."
Kemal Ishmael was Akins' host.
"I also hung out with A.J. Bouye, Troy Davis and Victor Gray," Akins said. "I was around all of them really. I was mainly around them and Brandon Bryant. Me and (fellow recruit) Quenton Brown also hung out. I met him early on when we went to a game at UCF. We're real cool."
Saturday was a busy day.
"They showed me around the campus," Akins said. "We had meetings and we went to the basketball game. Michael Jordan was there too. We saw him, but we didn't get to go up there and meet him. I wanted to though. He was up in one of those boxes."
He spoke often with David Kelly, who is his recruiter and would be his future position coach at UCF.
"We had a lot of conversations," Akins said. "It went pretty good. I'll be able to compete and play early. He said I'd have a chance to play right away."
He met with head coach George O'Leary before departing Sunday morning.
"He was talking to me and telling me about the recruiting process," Akins said. "He wasn't pressuring me like other coaches. They try to get me to commit, but Coach O'Leary wasn't going to pressure me. It was a good conversation."
Favorite part of the visit?
"I would say probably the basketball game," Akins said.
He also liked what he heard about UCF's academics.
"I want to major in business management," Akins said. "They had separated all the players that wanted to major in business and they had a presentation for us."
Akins says he's down to UCF and Georgia now. He visited UGA a couple weeks back.
"I'm going to do it Wednesday, on National Signing Day," Akins said. "I believe it's going to be at 8 a.m. when I announce it and sign. I'm going to talk to my family and we'll sit down and think about everything. What I liked and what I don't like, then we'll make my decision from there."
Akins said what he liked about each school.
Georgia: "The fact that it's Georgia. I like the coaches. I like the head coach. We were able to go to his house and meet with him. I liked that."
UCF: "The relationship with the coaches. They keep it real. They don't pressure me. A lot of other coaches pressure me, but not UCF. When I went to Georgia everybody was trying to get me to go there. I like Georgia, but it's just pressure."