UCF simplifies logos

UCF's logos are being streamlined.
There were more than a dozen variations when the new look was introduced in May 2007 and that's led to a lack of uniformity in merchandising and branding.
Going forward, there will be two primary logos and two secondary logos. Other versions will be phased out.
UCF Logos (May 2007)Click Director of Athletics Todd Stansbury talked about the changes (among other topics) in his latest "Conversations" series installment posted on UCFAA's official Youtube account.Here to view this Link.
"Logo is incredibly important because it's how we're recognized," Stansbury said in the video. "One of the things we've done right away is look at the fact we have a multitude of logos. I think what's really important, especially as we introduce ourselves to the nation, was to simplify so that we're instantly recognized."
Stansbury said the "stacked" UCF logo, the one featured on football helmets, would serve as a primary logo as well as the "across" UCF logo, which is currently seen on the front of several jerseys, including those for basketball.
Secondary marks will be the "Knightro head" and the "Knights" logo, which includes the word "Athletics" underneath or the specific sport.
A consistent look was the goal.
"Branding is the emotion you feel when you see those logos and that's something we'll be working on for the next year so when people see that logo they'll not only know who that is, they'll also know what that means."
Previous administration's efforts for a nationwide recognition of "UCF" instead of "Central Florida" continues to be a point of emphasis for Stansbury.
UCF is much more commonly used today than it was 10 years ago, but the school still fights individual battles as ESPN recently reverted back to using "C. Florida" during television broadcasts.
There's also still plenty of references to "Golden Knights," though UCF dropped the "Golden" part of their nickname in 2007. The issue crept up again last week when Ohio State's media relations department referenced the "Central Florida Golden Knights" in their weekly game notes, leading to incorrect name usage within their local media.
"I think it's going to be important that when people see UCF, they know who we are, what we are and where we are," Stansbury said. "One of the reasons of simplifying how many logos are out there is so that we can basically focus the message, focus the brand and make sure that once we have this opportunity to this national market that we'll be able to basically show people not only who UCF Athletics is, but what UCF is as an institution."